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coherence consistency, motivation and other characteristics compared to the real reality that is lacking make money online

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make money online in the literary text and its details are based on the idea of possibility, Is based solely on the real world. The types of realism vary according to their description of the real world and their definition of the relationship between this world and its possible alternatives It means that the book of money the truth in the transfer of reality and away from the illusion and falsehood and deceiving the recipient and then the writer was the most successful is close to reality and much of the reality and convey the facts and facts and events honestly, even if it inspired the realismThis turned the novel into a historical, social and political document Honest or realistic novel is a kind of rational interpretation of the reality transferred.

However, the meta-narrative was far from realistic because it refused to represent the realistic reality in capturing the details of the reality, but it picked up the problems of the novel genre itself and mimicked itself by questioning the issues of sex, story and discourse. In other words, the meta-narrative was make money online right now united kingdom more self-indulgent and true. The reality in contemporary narratives is no longer a real material reality; it is a fantasy world, such as storytelling. Even more so, the reality conveyed by the real narrative is not the reference reality, but rather a reality of the novel, Machine talking about narratives Altejealah and Gaiahoama was the actual reality is the world's favorite for the realism of the novel.

the reality of storytelling is the best for the novel Almitasrdih or new novel Moreover, the relative truth, but do not exist when they are just interpretations of Nietzsche is not only

In this context, Ahmed Khreis says in his book The Metaphysical Realms in the Arab Novel, it has helped the criticism of the philosophical truth to legitimize this radical change in dealing with reality. The latter is no longer a criterion for truth, but the truth can no longer be expressed on the basis of verbal reality. It is also seen as a work of make money online right now united states or literary text. The reality has been cut because the facts are not the exact thing. There are only interpretations.

as Nietzsche emphasized, which created a clear confusion in the concept of transmittal that was comfortable during the time of the real understanding of the world. It is difficult even from a purely formal point of view to produce a description of the perimeter of a complete relationship system. The greater likelihood is to resort to a synthesis or to a partial description of a possible world that is part of our real world

make money online right now Canada This means that the novelist does not convey reality as it is, in fact, the reference, but conveys to us this awareness of reality, which only conveys the awareness of reality, while the reality is greater than representation and simulation sincere and complete and this is why Virginia Woolf says that the story is our story is that the novelist was not realistic The truth conveys its reality in an identical and sincere manner make money online right now New Zealand but conveys assumptions and speculative possibilities from the door of art and beauty Hence, the possible worlds are imaginative, authentic and true worlds. Thus, there are two real worlds, a real world, a possible world of imagination, and relations between these two worlds may be identical, identical, or similar. Similarity, guarantee, antagonism or contradiction money online right now

If the realist novel is based on the referral relationship, the new novel is alienated from this referral and the worlds of storytelling better than the world of reality or the world of truth relative or hypothetical does not mean the fact that the novel extension of our real world that it deals with the value of honesty can not - for example - we call his words like what we name The words of our world, such as health and wrong, so that the words of the story have they make money online own truth and lead to the implications of a kind of indirect and starting from this, the construction of the world of short does not have to respect the credibility of the real world.

Thus, we conclude that the narration includes several possible worlds according to the author and the recipient, and what the narrator narrates from real or fictional events. Thus there is a contradiction between the characters of the story and the personalities of the reality. The characters of the narration are made of fiction, paper and language while the characters of reality are real characters made of blood and flesh. Realism is based on reference, congruence and symmetry. The new novel creates names that have nothing to do with real reality. They are figures without names or carrying numbers, miraculous figures, cynical characters, characters, paradoxes.

Hence, we move from the world of attribution based on linking reality to a metaphysical metaphoric imaginary world in which speech is linked to speech. The writer of the metaphase can not negate the real reality, but recognizes it but can not convey it honestly and honestly, but conveys it in part at the level of cognition. The act of writing the narrative and the inability of the book on the transfer of real truth and replaced by other alternative worlds or possible to express their own experiences or realism or metaphysical relying on the language instead of the transfer of reality and common sense and the search for the real worlds contrary to reality System

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